What Are the Benefits of Concrete Coatings?

Your garage’s flooring endures a lot, from tire pressure and heavy machinery to oil stains and chemical spills. Fortunately, the right concrete coatings can significantly rejuvenate your garage’s concrete floor, allowing you to enjoy an extensive range of benefits.

Here are a few key advantages you stand to enjoy when you opt for the quality garage floor coating Performance Floors and Coating provides.

Enhanced Appearance

One of the main benefits of concrete coatings is their effect on your floor’s appearance. Floors coated with a polyaspartic and epoxy flooring hybrid system offer aesthetic advantages that can rejuvenate your entire garage’s look and feel.

Increased Safety

Concrete floors are often slippery, especially when wet. Without adequate protection, you can expose yourself and your family to slip and fall risks.

On the other hand, since epoxy flooring is slip-resistant, you can enjoy safer floors, even when pools and puddles of water form.

Protection from Water Damage

Water can sometimes drip off your vehicle’s tires, pooling on your garage floors. If left to sit, the water can sink into the concrete, warping its structure. Ultimately, this can result in pits and cracks forming on the surface.

Fortunately, concrete coatings create a water-resistant barrier that goes a long way in protecting your floor’s integrity.

Impact Resistance

Garage floors experience a lot of impact from tools and heavy machinery. In most cases, this impact causes unsightly dents and cracks that impact the concrete’s structure.

However, both our polyaspartic and epoxy coatings are impact-resistant, and their strength allows them to withstand the heavy equipment and tire pressure your garage floors continuously face.

UV Protection

The bright sun and constant heat cause severe problems for uncoated floors. Fortunately, polyaspartic coatings are 100% UV stable, meaning they are able to protect your floors from the sun’s harmful UV rays. By doing so, your floors will not yellow, blister, or fade in the sun.

Additionally, since these coatings are flexible, they can expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures without cracking.

Easy to Maintain

Are you tired of spending hours scrubbing your garage floors to get rid of oil and grease stains? Enjoy the minimal maintenance concrete coatings offer.

All you’ll need to have your coated floors looking as good as new is a mop, warm water, and a cleaning solution.


Uncoated garage floors quickly develop stubborn stains, cracks, pits, and dents. As a result, they usually require constant repairs. In extreme cases, you might have to completely replace your garage’s flooring.

However, thanks to the strength of our concrete coatings, you can enjoy durable garage floors that will remain damage-free for years to come.

Cost Efficiency

While installing your coating will require an initial investment, the amount of money you stand to save makes it a highly cost-effective solution.

For instance, coated floors free you from worrying about continuous repairs or costly replacements, and maintaining them will be easy and affordable to do.

Quality Concrete Coatings from Performance Floors and Coating

Enjoying these and more benefits begins with using professional flooring companies that guarantee desirable results.

At Performance Floors and Coating, we have a team of expertly trained professionals with the experience and tools needed to offer quality services. There are several reasons why more and more property owners are making us their preferred concrete coating company.

All our clients get to benefit from our:

  • Vast experience
  • Specialized expertise
  • Commitment to quality services
  • Customized solutions
  • Excellent customer service
  • Extensive services that include garage, driveway, and pool deck coatings
  • Satisfaction guarantees

On top of that, we have put in place streamlined processes that allow us to handle every step of the installation effectively and safely.

We will:

  • Grind down your concrete floors using industrial diamond grinders
  • Repair any cracks and imperfections, filling them in using caulk
  • Apply a polyaspartic base coat to prime the concrete surface
  • Customize the surface by adding your preferred flakes or chips
  • Seal the concrete surface with a durable topcoat

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