Options to Cover & Protect Your Concrete Patio

Do you worry about your patio’s concrete? After all, it does go through a lot. From the hottest of hot days in the Florida heat to potential weather damage, it’s certainly something to think about before it’s too late and a total replacement is needed. Luckily, as a homeowner, you have several options for covering and protecting your concrete patio. Read on as we discuss just a few options you have to ensure your home’s patio is safe and protected from all that can be our local weather.

Options for Your Concrete Patio

Though this list is certainly not exhaustive, here are a few options for covering and protecting your home’s patio:


Sealers can be helpful for brand-new decks that are in excellent shape. Sealers help bring out the natural beauty of a deck, as well as provide semi-temporary protection from the elements. Sealers are a popular option for DIY protection, but it is of note that it needs regular re-application to ensure it is in good shape.

Use a Rug

Many outdoor rugs do a nice job sourcing up spaces. In addition, it can cover ugly concrete that is older and it can provide a bit of protection from the elements.


Paint is a great way to upgrade your patio’s concrete on a budget. With the option to have stencils and 20+ colors, it is no wonder many homeowners turn to paint for sprucing up their patios. However, paint is a tricky one when it comes to the test of time – it doesn’t always last.


Epoxy is a great way to protect your concrete and create an elevated, polished look for it. This is best to be done professionally to ensure it lasts for the long haul. Many epoxies can last up to 20 years, which is nearly 4 times as long as the expected life span of paint on concrete. Not only does epoxy last a long time, but it is tough and durable with a great deal of traffic over it. Relatively speaking, epoxy is not that expensive in comparison to other solutions – especially when you compare it to getting new concrete altogether.

Performance Floors & Coating Can Help

Based in the Tampa Bay area, we are a premier, all-around epoxy coating company seeking to serve your home and business. Our company is truly focused on our customers, creating the best possible flooring for their homes – and creating a lasting relationship while we’re at it We take safety very seriously for both you and our staff, so you can know and feel good about everyone’s well-being, despite a solution that has the potential to be hazardous when done incorrectly. This is just one of the many ways a professional contractor like us makes a difference – by putting safety first and being able to deliver professionally – each and every time. 

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