Is DIY Concrete Coatings Better Than Professional Coatings?

So you’re interested in transforming your old, chipped, and stained concrete floor to something that’s great-looking, functional, and durable? Well, then you’re making the right choice, because even HGTV confirms concrete is one of the best flooring options. But even after making that decision, you have one more: should you install the floor yourself or hire a professional? We’ll explore that and more in this blog.

Factors to Consider

You can’t decide whether DIY concrete coatings are better than professional coatings without evaluating several factors. The essential considerations are cost, project scope, coating material, process, equipment, and quality.


It’s no secret that affordability is at the top of everyone’s list with any home or business renovation project. The cost of materials for a concrete coating will largely depend upon the project scale (which we get below), but you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 for the product alone. A professionally-installed coating can range between $1,000 to $5,000—also dependent on the scope.

Project Scope

The next biggest factor for a floor renovation is the scope of the project itself. How many square feet will the concrete coating cover? Will you have to replace the old floor and what condition is the existing surface in? What type of product are you putting in to replace the floor? These are essential questions to cover before making your decision.

Concrete Coating Material

When evaluating different types of material for concrete coatings, the options can almost feel overwhelming at first. There’s polyaspartic coating, epoxy coating, decorative coating, and more. Do yourself (and your home or business) a favor and really look into which product is right for your situation. Every coating has its benefits and some can fit specific situations better.

If you have any questions or concerns about your project’s cost, scope, or coating material, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Performance Floors & Coating team for expert analysis and recommendations.

The Process

First-time and novice DIY concrete renovators typically underestimate how difficult and precise the concrete coating application process is. You might think it’s like painting a room or installing a new cabinet—easy enough to learn, right? Wrong. Concrete application requires preparing the floor (with a diamond grinder, shot blaster, or even acid to etch the existing concrete) and then applying sealer and your product. It quickly turns into a labor-intensive and meticulous operation.


Speaking of the process, the proper equipment, technology, and tools go hand-in-hand with the application process. The right equipment includes a diamond grinder, shot blaster, screed machine, wheelbarrows, portable mixers, groove cutters, plate compactors, and more. If you don’t have the right tools, you should seriously consider hiring a professional concrete installer.


How do you want your floor to look? Better question: how do you want your floor to look in 5 years…10 years…20 years? This is where the professionals set themselves apart from any DIY concrete project. When done correctly, concrete floors can last up to two decades. Whereas DIYers admit their floor only looked good for a year or two, and then the coating started to peel or crack.

The floor of your home or business should be nonnegotiable for quality. You don’t want a project you have to come back to every year or two. Instead, you want a beautiful, functional, slip-resistant floor that’ll last for years on end. A nice, professional floor will even increase your property value, ensuring it’s a worthwhile investment for now and later.

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