Concrete Coatings: How To Increase Lifespan For Your Floor

Your home or commercial property’s concrete flooring is vital to its appearance and structure. Heavy foot traffic and harsh elements can wear down your floors, leaving them scratched, damaged, and weak. The solution is an attractive and durable concrete coating

When you take the proper precautions and care when installing and using concrete coatings, they can last several decades. However, most coatings don’t come with an instruction manual. To help you out, we have crucial tips for increasing your floor’s lifespan.

Following these tips will help your concrete floor coating maintain its durability and attractive shine. You’ll have better flooring for longer, making the coating investment worthwhile. For more information about floor coating maintenance, contact the experts at Performance Floors and Coating.

Factors That Affect the Longevity of Floor Coatings

While every concrete floor coating is different, there are common factors that affect how long they last. Some of these factors include:


Strength of the concrete


Preparation of the concrete surface prior to installation


Thickness of the floor coating


Foot traffic, heavy equipment and machinery, and other pressure on the coating


UV light exposure


Cleanliness of the coating surface

Tips For Increasing Your Floor’s Lifespan

With these factors in mind, it’s time to consider how to properly take care of your concrete floor and coating. The following tips are effective for ensuring concrete coatings last as long as possible.

Choose the Ideal Concrete Coating

Before you purchase and install a coating, it’s vital to choose the ideal type. Companies typically offer different floor coating systems based on where you intend to install them. If you’re installing a concrete coating in a commercial space with heavy foot traffic, large machinery, chemical spills, and so on, you’ll likely want the most durable and liquid-resistant option. 

If you want a coating for an outdoor concrete surface, such as a pool deck, account for the UV light exposure. Polyaspartic coatings are more UV stable than epoxy coatings, so they’ll maintain their color and structure under the hot sun.

While they have less to do with durability, the color and design of your coating affect the long-term appearance of your concrete floor. A decorative chip system is effective for hiding floor scratches, and different coating shades help blend rooms together.

Prepare the Concrete Floor for Installation

Before installing a coating, prepare your concrete floor to ensure it’s strong and clean. Repair any cracks, chips, and other damage. Sweep, vacuum, and mop, so the concrete surface is in prime condition. 

Find a Trusted Installation Team

Installation of the floor coating is vital, so find a team with experience and expertise. If your hire a company that lacks industry skills and knowledge, you may have to pay for costly repairs or reinstallation. Performance Floor and Coating will efficiently install your concrete floor coating while taking the care and precautions necessary to ensure quality and longevity. 

Regularly Clean and Maintain the Surface

Finally, once you have your beautiful and durable concrete floor coating, be sure to regularly clean and maintain its surface. Various materials, such as dirt and debris, can wear down your coating surface and shorten its lifespan. On commercial surfaces and garage floors, oil and chemical abrasions are common culprits for concrete coating damage. 

Fortunately, cleaning coating surfaces is straightforward. Dirt, debris, and liquids stay on top of the coating, making sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping easier. Avoid using heavy soap-based cleaners and opt for warm water cleaning instead. 

High-Quality Concrete Coatings in Tampa, FL

Concrete floor coatings can improve the appearance, durability, and longevity of your residential or commercial property. At Performance Floors and Coating, we off high-quality coatings with different designs, thicknesses, and capabilities. Whatever concrete space you want to upgrade, we have an ideal floor coating.

Our trained and experienced team can install your new concrete floor coating efficiently and professionally. We can instantly increase your home’s value with one of our industry-leading options. We even provide a 15-year limited written warranty. 

When you want a more attractive, practical, and long-lasting concrete floor, choose a coating from Performance Floors and Coating.

Contact Performance Floors and Coating Today

Don’t settle for a somewhat durable floor. Though concrete is strong, it’s not impervious to cracks, chips, and other damage. With concrete coatings, you can increase the durability and longevity of your floors while adding a unique showroom appearance. 

When it comes to better residential and commercial flooring, Performance Floors and Coating is your trusted company. Trust in our quality and professionalism, and we’ll get the job done. Call Performance Floors and Coating today at (813) 212-2271.

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