Commercial Coatings for Corrosion Resistance and Preservation 

Business owners have countless options when looking for ways to improve their commercial properties. New coats of exterior paint improve the curb appeal of business facades, while quarterly pressure washing services drastically enhance commercial operations’ appearance. But did you know that commercial coatings are one of the most cost effective solutions for your business?

Epoxy was first used in the 1930s to bind dental fixtures but has evolved significantly over the past 100 years. Polyaspartic and polyurea coatings have surpassed epoxy as the preferred commercial coatings for businesses. The durable, plastic-like film of concrete coating solutions extends the lifespan of concrete surfaces and includes tested corrosion and stain-resistant properties. 

Hazardous chemicals spilled on uncoated concrete floors may result in business interruptions, delays, and expensive clean-ups. Avoid the hassle of repairing exposed concrete surfaces by speaking with your local experts in commercial coatings in Tampa, FL. Concrete coating professionals have the experience, knowledge, and training to transform the floors of your commercial property completely. 

Storebought epoxies and liquid rubbers often fail to protect commercial floors for more than six months. Conversely, professionally installed commercial coatings can protect concrete for over 60 years. Keep reading to learn more about the impressive qualities of concrete coatings. 

Understanding Commercial Coatings 

Industrial and commercial properties must adequately care for their concrete surfaces. Concrete surfaces remain exposed to moisture damage, black mold growth, discoloration, chipping, and mildew without protection. Porous concrete surfaces easily absorb moisture, expand, and eventually begin to deteriorate. 

Common signs of damaged concrete surfaces include: 

  • Potholes
  • Yellowing 
  • Spalling 
  • Spider vein cracks 
  • Musty odor 
  • Pooling water 
  • Uneven floor texture

Commercial coatings repel moisture, resist stains and corrosion, and preserve the integrity of your concrete. Certain types of acid pose an extreme threat to uncoated concrete surfaces. The calcareous aggregates and hydrated compounds of cement can dissolve when exposed to acids in cleaning agents, chemicals, and cooking ingredients. 

Polyaspartic coating systems have been used for many years to reinforce steel bridges, prevent corrosion damage on naval vessels, and protect construction equipment from abrasions and damage. A polyurea basecoat combined with a polyaspartic top coat can protect commercial concrete surfaces for over 60 years. Low upfront costs, long-lasting results, and superior corrosion resistance make commercial coatings a must-have for small, medium, and large businesses. 

Benefits of Commercial Coatings 

Business owners must juggle many tasks when overseeing daily operations, managing inventories, ordering products, and providing friendly customer service. No business owner should have to worry about the quality of their concrete surfaces. Allow your concrete coating professionals to mix, apply, and install a brand-new concrete coating for you. 

Less time spent repairing concrete floors means more time improving customer relationships, making sales, and planning marketing strategies. The slip-resistance of commercial coatings protects employees from falls, reduces liability, and vastly improves the aesthetics of businesses. Additional benefits of commercial coatings include: 

Weather Resistance 

Hot summer days in Florida expose concrete surfaces to weathering, damage, and deterioration. Harsh UV rays break down the polymers in concrete and force aggregates to break apart slowly. Damaged concrete slabs can lead to pothole formations, sinking concrete floors, and widespread spalling. 

The prolonged exposure of concrete to UV rays may cause discoloration, yellowing, and cracking of commercial floors. High humidity levels further damage floors by imbuing porous concrete surfaces with moisture. Polyurea and polyaspartic commercial coatings effectively repel water and reflect harmful UV radiation.

Corrosion Resistance

Technological advancements continue to drive the future capabilities of polyaspartic coatings. Nano-silica modifications, improved installation methods, and innovative polymers of polyaspartic coatings provide world-class corrosion resistance. Many agricultural operations, energy companies, and aerospace centers trust polyaspartic coatings to withstand corrosion. 

Stain Resistance 

A large grease stain, oil from leaking cars, and common cleaning chemicals can cause extensive damage to exposed concrete surfaces. Neglected rust, paint, or moisture stains can embed within the concrete and prove incredibly difficult to remove. Endless scrubbing, high-quality concrete cleaning solutions, and many work hours may prove ineffective at saving stained floors.

Thankfully, polyurea and polyaspartic commercial coatings effectively resist stains. If you accidentally spill on your newly coated floor, use a dry mop and mild pH floor cleaner to remove the stain—no need for an extensive cleaning project or costly floor replacement when you choose high-quality polyaspartic floor coatings. 

Style and Function 

Adding colored chips, vinyl flakes, metallic additives, and quartz aggregates is an excellent way to preserve commercial coatings. Full-flake floors improve the slip resistance, durability, and lifespan of concrete coatings. Added between the basecoat and topcoats, vinyl flakes add depth to concrete coatings and minimize the appearance of concrete imperfections. 

Moisture Damage 

Nothing deteriorates commercial flooring quite like moisture. Steam from heavy machinery, condensation, humidity levels, and leaking roofs can negatively impact concrete surfaces. The moisture expands the space between aggregates and creates the perfect environment for black mold growth, mildew, and pest infestations. 

Hazardous contaminants fail to thrive on advanced polyaspartic coatings. Improve the indoor air quality of your business and keep your commercial floors safe from mold, dust, grime, and mildew by reaching out to your local concrete coating professionals in Tampa, Florida! 

Trust Performance Floors and Coating For All Your Commercial Coatings in Tampa, FL 

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