Protecting Your Commercial Property with the Right Coating

Commercial coatings cost-effectively protect your flooring, reduce maintenance, and facilitate easy cleaning. Performance Floors and Coatings provides you with a range of high-quality coatings in various styles and formulations. We offer customized, effective solutions for all your business needs. 

The Benefits of Installing Commercial Coatings in Tampa, FL

There are many reasons to use commercial coating solutions. Waterproofing is the most obvious of these, and why many businesses in the food industry opt for a commercial coating system. There are also several additional benefits to using commercial coatings in Tampa. 


The right epoxy coatings can last five to ten years in a commercial setting. The epoxy bonds with the concrete, and the sealant won’t lift or flake off during its lifetime. It is also chip and scratch resistant and able to withstand high pressure. 

Low Maintenance 

Thanks to the durable properties of this medium, the only maintenance you need to worry about is cleaning. If there is heavy wear and tear, you might also need to patch the occasional scrape or chip. 


Commercial coatings also offer effective solutions for businesses that must impress clients and keep employees safe. You can easily incorporate a wide range of design features into your flooring. 

These might include elements such as company logos, directions, or safety zone markings. Your coating system contractor can incorporate several available options.

Easy to Clean

One of the most important factors is how easy it is to clean commercial coatings. You simply need to sweep them daily to remove dirt and debris. Other than that, wipe them down with a clean, damp mop to remove the worst of the dust. 


Protecting concrete surfaces from water prevents their deterioration. If water cannot work its way into the pores, it cannot erode the concrete and widen existing cracks. Also, the coatings can repel other liquids, preventing staining. 

Positive and Negative Waterproofing 

Negative waterproofing prevents water from coming up through the floor into your facility and prevents it from moving through the floor into the ground.

Positive waterproofing is something that you complete during construction. It entails placing the waterproofing outside the structure to prevent water from seeping into the foundation and walls. 

Your commercial coatings contractor should carefully check for moisture issues before installing your new coating, as water damage can cause the epoxy to lift. If they detect a potential problem, they should advise you about how to deal with that first. 

For the best protection overall, it’s a good idea to combine both negative and positive waterproofing. 

Rust and Corrosion Resistance

While most information about commercial coatings focuses on garage floors, it’s important to note that these products have other uses. You can, for example, use them to coat metal tiles, grates, and other types of flooring. 

In a high-humidity industrial setting, this is advantageous because it prevents metal elements from corrosion. Some companies also choose to coat pipes and other sensitive items in their manufacturing plants. 

Pressure Protection

In a factory or warehouse setting, you may use heavy machinery or equipment. While concrete has a high tensile strength, it may crack under the pressure. Industrial coatings provide a protective barrier that dissipates the impact, lessening the pressure on the underlying substrate. 

Thermal Properties

Concrete contracts and expands due to temperature extremes. This property may prove inconvenient in a commercial setting. In a warehouse, for example, unsealed concrete may crack more easily because of this movement. 

By sealing the concrete, you insulate it to a large degree, reducing expansion and contraction. 

Chemical Resistance

Epoxy coatings come in several formulations. If you work with caustic chemicals on your property, the chemical resistance of these coatings is valuable. As the material repels the chemicals, it’s easy to clean up spills. 

Also, by preventing the liquids from reaching the substrate, you prevent damaging and staining it. 


Breaching workplace health and safety codes can mean facing significant fines or expensive civil suits. Unsealed concrete and even metal can become slippery in high humidity or moist conditions. Epoxy coatings are, by nature, slick as well, but it’s possible to add traction by adding aggregates. These coatings make the surface non-slip, improving safety. 


Unsealed concrete has the unfortunate distinction of being very hard to walk or stand on. If you have employees who must traverse the space regularly or stand for long periods, they may injure themselves. 

Epoxy sealants have more give to them, improving comfort when walking or standing on them. This slight backspring provides additional cushioning for workers’ feet and backs when shifts demand that they walk or stand for long periods of time. 


Anti-microbial coatings are ideal in a commercial kitchen or a healthcare facility. These coatings contain agents that kill microbes. In addition, the non-porous nature of the surface and ease of cleaning make it one of the most hygienic options. 

Cost Effective

This level of coating costs more than painting the floor, for example. However, when you consider that there is little ongoing maintenance and that you do not require expensive cleaning agents, it practically pays for itself. 

Also worth considering is that you can replicate the look of expensive materials inexpensively.  

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