The Durability and Practicality of Patio Coatings

Patio coatings can significantly enhance your outdoor living space, protecting it from impacts, weather damage, and foot traffic while also providing an attractive and slip-resistant surface. Through incredible durability and practicality, the right patio coating can increase your outdoor space’s safety and functionality.

The team at Performance Floors and Coating explains what you need to know about patio coatings and their benefits. To protect your patio, continue reading to see how a coating can benefit you


Depending on your choice, a coated patio can last anywhere from five to 20 years. When cured, a coating becomes exceptionally strong and flexible, able to withstand outdoor elements like sunlight, rain, and temperature changes without breaking or cracking.

Concrete provides a durable base for patios, but it may crack or shift without protection. A coating adds another layer of defense, extending the lifespan of your patio and lessening your need for repairs or replacements.


Many types of patio coatings exist, with varying degrees of cost-effectiveness. Professionals apply coatings directly onto your concrete, which requires less time than other flooring options and reduces the cost of labor. The materials also cost less, and maintenance and reapplications happen less frequently due to their long lifespan.

The three main patio coatings are:

  • Epoxy: The cheapest option, it offers several of the benefits of the others at a lower cost.
  • Polyurea: Moderately priced, more flexible, and seals more thoroughly with the concrete.
  • Polyaspartic: The most expensive and lasts the longest.

If you need help determining which works best for you, request assistance from a professional. The right team can explain the pros and cons of each kind or offer a combination depending on your usage and other requirements. Patio coatings are effective solutions for sturdy, long-lasting, and attractive flooring for any outdoor space.

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Patio coatings offer a vast array of colors, styles, and decorations. You’ll have complete control over your patio’s appearance because it is so customizable. Consider some of these common decorative options

  • Metallic
  • High-gloss
  • Stripes or shapes
  • Full or partial cast flakes
  • Mock granite or other natural stone

Whatever your personal preference, you have nearly endless options to make the patio fit your aesthetic goals..

Enhances Safety

A coating system has a nonporous surface, giving bacteria no place to survive. This is especially important for outdoor spaces like patios that may come in contact with food, pets, or other potentially harmful substances. With standard washing, you can eliminate dirt, stains, and other debris to maintain a clean and sanitized environment.

Patio coatings increase safety in several ways, such as the following:

  • Increased visibility
  • Nonslip
  • Fire-resistant

Visibility ensures your guests can see clearly, eliminating accidents and injuries. The right additives provide a nonslip surface even when wet. Slips and falls cause most outdoor accidents, and preventing them can significantly increase your patio’s safety.

Easy Maintenance 

Sweeping and hosing off are the only required maintenance tasks for your patio on a regular basis. For optimal results, clean the surface weekly or monthly. Sweeping removes dirt, sand, and other debris that may scratch the coatings and lessen their effectiveness.

Hosing off removes grime and eliminates slipping or other accidents. Cleaning up spills as needed will further extend their lifespan and protect the people using the patio

The coatings will last several years but eventually may show signs of wear and tear. If you experience these issues, request a professional inspection.

After several years of use, you may need to repair or reapply the coating to maintain its quality. For the best results, request professional installation. A professional will guarantee a complete seal and provide the most benefits without yellowing, bubbling, or other issues.

Chemical and Water Resistant 

Do you use chemicals, gas, or water in your patio area? A patio coating will protect your concrete from chemical and water spills. Clean up a spill quickly for optimal results.

Chemicals seep into the concrete and harm its structural integrity without protection. Water causes mold, mildew, and algae growth which causes health problems and slipping. Due to the coating’s nonporous nature, your concrete remains protected from these issues and ensures complete safety in the patio area.

Water resistance provides the most benefits to areas such as the following:

Damage and Impact Resistant 

High foot traffic and heavy furniture take a toll on your concrete floors every day. Concrete alone will crack with impacts, such as dropping heavy items or hot tires from vehicles. A coating helps eliminate these problems, keeping your concrete intact.

Consider coating your floors for optimal results if your patio area requires heavy furniture. Wear and tear requires regular repairs; a concrete coating will limit chips, cracks, pits, and more. You’ll save money on repair costs and prevent serious structural problems that may endanger your family and friends.

Performance Floors and Coating Provides Patio Coatings in Tampa

If your patio could benefit from a patio coating, you should request help from our team. We’ll walk you through the benefits and ensure you receive the coating you need. Professional installation guarantees a high-quality coating so that you can rest easy.

We take care of the installation hassle-free and work quickly to help your patio area. If you need patio coatings, contact Performance Floors and Coating at 813-212-2271 and request an estimate in Tampa, FL, today!

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