The Art of Creating Custom Decorative Metallic Floors

As the leading provider of beautiful and durable decorative metallic floors in Tampa, our technicians at Performance Floors & Coating answer hundreds of inquiries from business owners and residents about the benefits of epoxy flooring systems. We install hundreds of high-quality pearlescent and metallic floors for residential and commercial properties in a wide variety of colors and design schemes, giving them increased chemical resistance and durability against heavy foot traffic.

We are proud to be a reliable source of information for prospective clients who want to revamp their living spaces with a new floor design. In this explainer, our licensed flooring experts will outline how we create seamless floors for different types of customers and whether metallic color schemes are the right choice for your structure.

What Are Metallic Floors?

The metallic floor is part of an emerging design trend in the interior design industry, where people install multi-layered protectants on a concrete substrate to produce a unique finish. Metallic floors are prevalent in spaces such as game rooms, recreational spaces, and sports car garages. You will be hard-pressed to find them in libraries and office reception areas.

Metallic floors feature a glass-like, seamless, iridescent finish that clients can create with unlimited color combinations. Customers usually do not associate the colors pink, turquoise, or purple with metal, but our technicians can make a palette and design scheme that hosts these hues, enabling further personalization. Unlike traditional metal floors that emanate an impersonal and factory-made personality, decorative metallic floors give rooms a striking and playful personality.

Contractors have different methods and layering techniques to install decorative metallic floors. A few can even make them with one layer of protectant, even though technicians do not recommend it for high-traffic areas.

Performance Floors & Coating installs decorative metallic floors by layering an aliphatic polyaspartic coating on top of an epoxy protectant, creating a hard-wearing surface that is UV stable, abrasion resistant, and will not dent or scuff under heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

What Do Decorative Metallic Floors Look Like?

Decorative metallic floors create a slate-like, smooth surface that is sometimes comparable to lava or ocean waves beneath a glass pane. We can use innovative application techniques to add more character, such as moon-surface textures or marble-like finishes. Our technicians can change the finish of the topmost protectant to glossy or matte, allowing property owners to alter the first impression of their spaces to guests or customers.

Performance Floors & Coating can use computer programs to help you find a specific color by pinning down its hexadecimal value. Also, we invite you to look through our portfolio of finished and refinished decorative metal floors for more design ideas. Our technicians can help you choose from a broad range of textures and design schemes to help you visualize your design goals before bringing them to life.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Decorative Metallic Floors in Tampa?

Decorative metallic floors are commonplace in many hair salons, hotel lobbies, and automotive showrooms around Tampa. Aside from its robust and refined appearance, it offers residents and business owners four notable benefits.

Increased Durability

Decorative metallic floors protect cement substrates from the long-term effects of chemical spills, mold accumulation, and heavy foot traffic. Concrete is naturally porous, containing billions of tiny holes that pollutants and moisture can exploit. Epoxy and polyaspartic protectants plug these holes, making your floors more hygienic and hard-wearing.

Reduced Maintenance Expenses

Removing old gum and grease on bare concrete requires a miracle. You or your employees can remove stains, chemicals, and oil from protected surfaces with soap, water, and a mop. Some contaminants might require some scrubbing to eliminate, but polyaspartic can remain abrasion-resistant for decades.

Corrosion, Rust, and Chemical Resistance

Oxidated metal, saltwater, chlorides, and sulfates can cause concrete surfaces to flake, stain, and crack. Decorative metal floors prevent these substances from touching the cement substrate of your home or commercial structure while keeping your hallways and rooms beautiful.

Increased Property Values

Decorative metal floors improve your interior curb appeal, and they are popular among homeowners who want to fetch better bids when listing their houses for sale. Homes that look better in pictures and videos sell for better prices. For business owners, protected floors will prolong the life of your structural investments while inviting new customers to your brand-new-looking space.

What to Look Out for When Installing Metal Floors

Decorative metal floors have three drawbacks, which all disappear post-installation. Here is what to look out for when installing them.

  • Decorative metal floors emit strong fumes upon installation, so technicians use ventilators and protective equipment on every job.
  • The polyaspartic topcoat leaves a seamless finish that can be slippery when wet, so we recommend installing anti-slip additives to improve safety.
  • Epoxy and polyaspartic require more than 72 hours to cure.
  • Decorative metal floors entail a higher installation price than solid-color design plans as it is not a job for DIY crews with no professional equipment.

How Do Technicians Apply Decorative Metal Floors?

We prime the concrete substrate using diamond grinders and a shot blaster. We mix differently colored high-build protectants, which will serve as a base coat for your concrete substrate. After they cure, we install accent colors with a squeegee or a roller before applying a transparent polyaspartic topcoat.

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