The Versatility of Decorative Metallic Floors: Ideal for Both Commercial and Residential Spaces

Every year, our licensed technicians at Performance Floors & Coating answer numerous questions from residents and business owners about the benefits of decorative metallic floors in Tampa. Many believe that multi-layered decorative flooring systems are only for low-traffic areas that do not accommodate many people, ruling them out as options for reception areas and showrooms. Some think decorative metallic floors exclusively benefit businesses that must maintain a professional and inviting image to retain clientele.

As the leading independent provider of seamless floors in metallic, pearlescent, and solid-color designs in Tampa, we are proud to be a reliable source of information for contractors and DIYers alike. In this article, our technicians will outline how decorative metallic floors can provide a smooth surface with improved abrasion and chemical resistance while lowering maintenance requirements. We will also explain how it can benefit homes, businesses, and select industrial properties.

Why Do People Get Decorative Metallic Floors in Tampa?

Emerging Design Trends

Decorative metallic floors are a minor component of an emerging design trend in homes and businesses. Millennial and Gen Z homebuyers and real estate investors generally do not prefer the same beige, gray, and white floors they can find in production areas and parking garages. They want a sense of freshness, fun, and aesthetic appeal that can make even decades-old commercial and residential structures picture-worthy.

Boundless Customization

Decorative metallic floors from experienced contractors like Performance Floors & Coating are available in an unlimited variety of colors, allowing customers to personalize their commercial and living spaces to their hearts’ content. Clients can incorporate their brand-new floor design into a grander aesthetic, matching them with paintwork, countertops, cabinetry, and furniture to create a holistic design language.

Improved Protection

Concrete is naturally porous. A bare cement floor has billions of tiny holes that contaminants like fungi, pollutants, and moisture can penetrate, causing structural problems. Many concrete structures last a lifetime, but floors under high traffic from forklift trucks, work boots, and passenger cars will show cracks, dents, and scuffs in only a few months.

We make decorative metallic floors by layering protectants that create a hard-wearing surface, giving bare concrete massively improved abrasion, denting, and chemical resistance.

How Do Decorative Metallic Floors Benefit Homes?

Higher Resale Values

Decorative metallic floors improve the interior curb appeal of residential structures, providing homeowners and landlords with increased resale values. At Performance Floors & Coating, our technicians receive hundreds of house calls from clients who want to list their homes for sale in online marketplaces and require good pictures to go with their ads. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes with excellent landscaping and interior curb appeal are more likely to get higher-quality bids from serious buyers, making new floors worth the investment.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

Concrete sealants lower maintenance requirements by making floors resistant to chemical, oil, and acid spills. Solid-color, vinyl flake, and decorative metallic floors are the most popular coatings for residential garages, as homeowners no longer need to rent a power washer to remove grease and battery acid with their protection.

Better Vibes

Decorative metallic floors are among the most popular coatings for basements, game rooms, and hallways because their color and texture options can fit any theme. Spaces that require elegance and class can benefit from a red, black, or dark gray metallic floor. For smaller rooms, you can trick the eye with warm tones like yellow or evergreen, which make confined spaces feel bright and airy.

How Do Decorative Metallic Floors Benefit Businesses?

Better Hygiene

Protective flooring systems help business owners maintain hygiene and safety standards by making concrete substrates impervious to pollutants and fungi. You will need a miracle to remove spray paint, cooking oil, and old gum from bare concrete, but with decorative metallic floors, it only requires soap, water, and a mop.

Elevates Aesthetics

If you’re looking for a creative way to improve the aesthetic value of a public-facing area, such as a reception space, employee break room, or conference room, decorative metallic floors are your best bet.

Performance Floors & Coating creates decorative metallic floors by layering two protectants atop each other. An epoxy coat provides customers with cost-efficient protection for their concrete substrate. A polyaspartic topcoat prevents their hallways and reception areas from yellowing, scratching, and denting after years of exposure to sunlight and UV rays.

Get a high-gloss, reflective finish for spaces that do not receive natural light, or get a matte topcoat to make a room feel more peaceful. Walls with a white base color complement floors with warm tones, such as yellow, orange, and brown, creating a welcoming vibe your customers will appreciate. For a business casual look, black, gray, and woody metallic floors can communicate prestige, power, and formality.

Better Safety

We can install a broad range of safety add-ons to polyaspartic topcoats, such as anti-slip, fire retardant, and antimicrobial substances. These protectants prevent your concrete floors from becoming a catchment for disease-causing bacteria and fungi. You can go one step further by personalizing them to suit your business needs.

Loading bays can benefit from anti-slip additives as they experience high traffic from work boots and trolleys, while high-gloss waterproof finishes work best for reception areas. Some business owners use decorative metallic floors for seismic reinforcement as technicians will patch up their concrete substrates before application.

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