Concrete Coatings: A Unique Way to Enhance Your Space

Whether it is a beautiful concrete floor that resembles marble or the latest garage floor coatings, the right products will add extreme durability to any concrete substrate. Do you want your property’s surfaces to last decades without degrading under chemical stains or dents? Consider concrete coatings.

Concrete floors feature a curing process that leaves billions of tiny holes that mold, mildew, and moisture can penetrate. Structural problems and microbial colonies are prevalent in uncoated surfaces, especially in exterior settings. Uncoated interior and exterior concrete substrates will also look rundown after only three or four years. 

Homeowners and businesses that want to save on major renovations to their floors after years under high foot and vehicle traffic need to protect their concrete floors. Applying protective coatings to a bare substrate also upgrades its aesthetic value, even without adding color, texture, or any other design elements. 

So, what are the top three types of customizable concrete coatings in Tampa and the surrounding areas? Read on to find out.

Metallic Coatings Really Stand Out for a High-end Aesthetic

Home and office park resale values often increase by adding protectants to the surfaces. It improves how these buildings look from the street to stave off vandals. It also helps loading bays or living spaces look brand-new, even after decades.

High-gloss metallic coatings are particularly popular among tanning salons, game rooms, restaurants, and any space designed to impress people who walk through the door. Metallic color schemes are ideal for a contemporary look. However, they may seem out of place in traditional offices, banks, customer service areas, and places that require formality and a sense of calm.

Still, a metallic floor will become a focal point wherever technicians install them, which is why they remain a defining feature in many high-end retail stores and nightclubs across Tampa. A professional crew will create these metallic schemes using the following techniques:

  • Use a roller to apply self-leveling pigmented epoxy onto a concrete substrate.
  • Spray denatured alcohol to make ripple effects on an otherwise solid tint.
  • Make scenic swirl patterns by combing through areas with pool trowels.
  • Enhance metallic coatings through splotching, drizzling, or combining two or more pigments to complement the base coat colors.

We do not recommend metallic coatings on exterior surfaces as they might fade after a few years in direct sunlight.

Pearlescent Coatings Exude Elegance and An Eye for Design

Epoxy and polyaspartic leave a high-gloss finish by default, improving the luminance of rooms without access to natural light. However, experts can also install them with a matte design for a more subdued look. Whatever you decide, pearlescent coatings will be versatile and elegant.

For example, they easily emulate the appearance of high-end granite or quartz floors, giving garages an upscale look without the loud or playful qualities of metallic floors. Pearlescent earns its name from its similarity to mother-of-pearl and natural pearl. It has mica, white, or bismuth as a base pigment, all three of which skilled technicians can modify.

Many manufacturers design pearlescent concrete coatings to feature a high-gloss finish and accentuate the substrate layers. Metallic coatings require two or three solid-color layers, but pearlescent floors only require a base pigment of white, silver, or oxide-coated micas. Technicians use interference colors to customize it, including the following:

  • Green, blue, violet, or yellow
  • Earth-toned colors with a low refractive index, like russet, copper, and bronze
  • Top notes of gold or silver

You can also add glitter for luster or give them some character with calcite and other translucent minerals.

We do not recommend pearlescent colors for driveways, patios, or outdoor dining areas, as they might lose texture and vibrance after five to ten years of exposure to direct sunlight.

Epoxy Flake Floors Provide Phenomenal Customization Options

Teams like Performance Floors & Coating consider epoxy flake floors a design language. Speak it, and anyone can upgrade the aesthetics of their property’s indoor and outdoor spaces while lowering maintenance requirements!

And flake installation is simple. First, our technicians will hand-cast silica and vinyl flakes according to your density and size specifications. They sink into the epoxy base coat before curing.

When the epoxy dries, the team then removes protruding flakes and smooths the surface. They then apply a polyaspartic topcoat.

Vinyl and silica chips are available in six sizes that create different design characteristics.

  • One-inch chips create contrast and a very smooth finish. They look retro.
  • Half-inch chips create a medium contrast profile that emulates stone terrazzo. It hides debris well, including stones and mulch.
  • Quarter-inch chips are the most popular among residential clients. They create a balanced aesthetic and hide depressions, grime, and scuffs well.
  • One-eighth-inch chips create a golf ball profile. It suits smaller garages, sunrooms, and patios with a polymer cove base.
  • One-sixteenth-inch chips offer a more homogeneous, sand-like finish. It looks wavy under a transparent polyaspartic coat.
  • One-thirty-second-inch chips feature a fine, quartz-like finish. It will not hide blemishes but is suitable for garages and low-traffic areas under 200 square meters.

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