Increase Productivity with Easy-to-Clean Commercial Coatings

Are you looking for high-quality and long-lasting commercial coatings? The choice may even increase the productivity of your employees, safeguard your floors from industrial machinery, and improve customer flow within your commercial structure or business. 

In this explainer, the experts from Performance Floors & Coating will outline the benefits of applying high-quality floor coatings in Tampa. It could be just what local property managers and business owners need for a great return on investment.

Why Apply Commercial Coatings in Tampa, FL?

Commercial buildings are high-traffic areas hosting work boots, delivery vehicles, wagon wheels, and more over the floors every day of the year. Florida business owners have enough maintenance to contend with to keep things in tip-top shape. That’s why quality coatings like epoxy present such a great solution for protecting bare concrete substrates from depressions, chipping, and cracking.

The right coatings can shield any exterior areas, such as drive-throughs, loading bays, and outdoor parking spaces from hot tire pickup and scratches from snow tires. They also protect and beautify interior spaces to keep employees safe, minimize slipping hazards, and make them more presentable for customers and other visitors.

More Benefits of High-quality Coatings in Tampa, FL, Business Settings

How good does your commercial structure look from the street? Well-maintained shops and industrial buildings attract a wider range of customers. But that’s not all.

Improved Curb Appeal Boosts Property Value

Why settle for stained and dented surfaces that degrade the value of your commercial property? Coatings easily improve the aesthetics of your commercial property’s surfaces for myriad benefits. If you ever decide to sell the property, properly coated surfaces will also make it much simpler to resell the property and attract higher offers.

Trending Aesthetics Bring Myriad Benefits

Florida’s customers are well-acquainted with traces of vandalism, pollutants, and wear and tear on buildings’ walls and floors. But these elements create the wrong impression about the type of business you run. Discerning customers will likely run for the hills.

Employees also work better in better-designed places of business. The Design Management Institute reports that businesses with a consistent design language across their virtual and physical spaces will outperform the S&P Index by 228% over a decade. So, why not look into epoxy and polyaspartic coatings to boost your interior and exterior spaces for decades of design excellence with little to no maintenance?

Better Safety Features Minimize Liabilities

Figures from the World Health Organization indicate that vector-driven diseases from vehicles, clothing, and furniture infect millions of people annually. Viruses, bacteria, and insect pests can subsist on a scarce diet for months, even underneath cracked concrete floors. Whoever shops or works inside these spaces will also be at risk of health issues.

Are there cost-effective solutions? Yes, coating installation! Plugging these tiny holes in concrete substrate also makes maintenance a breeze since oil spills, corrosive chemical droplets, and foodstuffs only require a mop, soap, and water to clean.

Do you oversee a commercial structure that stores perishable goods, machinery, or fleet vehicles? Commercial coatings with anti-slip additives are essential to minimize liabilities from injuries to your employees and customers. Trained technicians like Performance Floors & Coating can also install antimicrobial additives to help specialized facilities like medical labs, hospitals, and food preparation spaces meet building codes and safety standards.

Eliminate Permanent Stains in Less Than Five Minutes

Epoxy and polyaspartic floors are 100% waterproof and UV-stable, so they will never discolor under direct sunlight. If your business handles moist goods, pool equipment, and watercraft, these floors offer excellent protection.

You can also remove the following stains from coated floors in less than five minutes:

  • Rust and oxidation from metal equipment
  • Grease from vehicles and machinery
  • Paint
  • Chemical spills
  • Antifreeze, brake liquid, and other corrosive substances
  • Tire marks and more

Unlimited Customization Options that Establish Brand Identity

Are you looking for floors with a pearlescent, metallic, or solid-color finish? Florida technicians like Performance Floors & Coating can use computer-assisted visual aids to make it happen. Here are some ideas:

  • Use commercial epoxy coatings in personalized colors and finishes to showcase your brand identity the second anyone walks into your shop, restaurant, or warehouse.
  • Create spaces conducive to learning with lava patterns and ocean waves to inspire adventurous young children. 
  • Sport stunning metallic finishes in showrooms, game halls, and bars.
  • Finish off the design with solid-color storage spaces, hallways, and low-traffic areas.

Why not consider a flake finish so that your newly coated floors will look well-maintained? Flakes hide dirt, grime, and other imperfections beautifully.

If you have more ideas, feel free to chat with local experts like Performance Floors & Coating to find out more. We can also put you in touch with the right commercial painting contractors to liven up your commercial buildings and match those brand-new floors!

Contact Tampa’s Flooring Experts Today!

Performance Floors & Coating are a leading independent provider of commercial floor coatings in Tampa and the surrounding communities. We offer a hybrid coating system, which is why there’s a growing number of customers leaving us five-star reviews on independent websites.

Our licensed technicians use a 100%-solids epoxy base coat with a 100% aliphatic polyaspartic topcoat for hard-wearing, waterproof surfaces. It’s highly resistant to abrasions and chemical damage, whether your new floors are in showrooms, medical facilities, apartment complexes, or other places throughout the city.

Do you want the best commercial coatings in Tampa, Fl, to protect your return on investment? Call Performance Floors & Coating at (813) 212-2271 today!

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